Class Descriptions


Blade & Edge Learn to Skate - WINTER 2018 - DOWNLOAD


Learn to Skate

Learn to skate is a program designed by Learn to Skate USA and is a structure followed by many skating clubs across the country. It is designed to teach beginning skaters the fundamentals of skating. It is designed for tots though adults. It is comprised of 8 levels with the first lessons focusing how to stand on the ice and begin to skate forward and ending with Level 8 skaters learning how to jump and spin. This program will prepare the aspiring hockey player, the aspiring figure skater, or the recreational skater wanting to impress their friends!

Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics is also a program designed by Learn to Skate USA, following a 6 level structure. This class builds on the skills learned in the Learn to Skate program and prepares skaters for more advanced figure skating tests. These classes are a fun way to learn figure skating skills in a social environment.

Rotation Class

Rotation class is a class for advanced skaters that focuses 20 minutes on power skating or edge work, 20 minutes on advanced spinning, and 20 minutes on advanced jumps. This class is for skaters who are above Beyond the Basics, or can be taken as a supplement to the Beyond the Basics class. Transitions, spins and jumps are taught in the Free Skate program. More progressive skating skills like these give more determined skaters like yours challenges they crave.

Ice Dance

Experience the joy of Ice Dancing. Even if you are focused on freestyle, this class is open to all skaters who are interested in enhancing and improving edge turn quality and proper skating technique. A useful tool for today's skater, Ice Dancing helps with upper body control, posture and carriage. Also teaches skaters a new way to move to the beat of the music.

Power/Edge Class

This class is designed to develop power, edge quality, speed and quickness. Length of strokes are a direct relation to the amount of power a skater is able to develop and quickness is the actual foot speed of the strokes. Using both of these concepts, along with proper body alignment and lean to create maximum power, skaters will develop more difficult elements at a much faster rate, while improving basic skating skills.

Elite Exhibition Team

Is a group of skaters skating on the ice as a team, moving as one flowing unit. Emphasis is on maintaining precise formations and timing of the group. The team does various exhibitions throughout the season.